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lunedì 28 settembre 2009

CATINCA UNTARU..the teenager who i wannabe!

I feel in love with HER.
She is actress in The Fall. 12 years old,grew up in Bucharest and she writes about her world,a fantasy world, where live dreams and paintings.
She wears old clothes,has a lot of friends but sometimes prefers to be alone.
Her first book is been "Mary Poppins" and she loved "The Little Prince" also.

This pretty woman is on Lula Mag. for issue #9, interview and photos.
....Through the Looking Glass.....


2 commenti:

Ruxandra Kaitar ha detto...

Hi! I'm Catinca (no joke)
Thank you so much for the beautiful things you wrote about me!
here is my blog
(now I used my mother's e-mail to write u but I have have my one email too

alice.lovers ha detto...

Thank you pretty girl!!!

That who i wrote is all are a little dreamer..remain ever as you are now!

I'll write you very soon a mail!