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venerdì 8 gennaio 2010


Grey bead slash t-shirt dress £50, Black slash sweater £50, Black slash sweater dress £60, Beaded slash dress £70, Black slash top £55, Grey grey slash vest £50

For SS10 Topshop and Ann-Sofie Back collaborate once again to produce a range of slashed jumper and t-shirt dresses which represent a nonchalant attitude to dressing.

Ann-Sofie’s designs play with the traditional silhouette. For this collection, sweat-shirting in mushroom, charcoal and black has been shredded and torn reflecting Ann-Sofie’s infamous exploration of everyday clothes. A classic dove grey t-shirt is reworked in a luxuriously soft jersey whilst the traditional baseball sweater shape is hacked into, giving an otherwise classic design a gothic edge. A languid black dress offers a modern day approach to the LBD.

The six piece collection reflects the Horror theme which Ann-Sofie recently explored in her own catwalk designs. “I looked at traditional American stereotypes such as horror movies. The sequined tops, dresses and sweats are slashed by Freddy Kruger himself.”


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