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sabato 9 gennaio 2010

EVER and EVER The Polyamorous Affair

Imagine a conceptual Soviet disco duo out of LA, whose glamourous theatrics would put America’s Best Dance Crews to shame. Randy what? Would it be any stranger if it was led by the spiffy husband and wife team of Eddie Chacon and Sissy Sainte-Marie, and that’s Would I Lie To You Eddie from Charles and Eddie? Their album Bolshevik Disco (on the excellent Manimal Vinyl label) is a good excuse to trip out and dance in a world of street parties and hotel rooms, where dark 5am episodes never end too badly and the music swells with saturated colours. It’s pretty great and you can hear more on the forthcoming Manimal David Bowie tribute album. The Polyamourous Affair premiere their new video for New York City.

Keith Musil videomaker.


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