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mercoledì 21 luglio 2010

swash: dream machine


a. A splash of water or other liquid hitting a solid surface.
b. The sound of such a splash.

..a courtesy of Wikipedia.

Typically Swash is that i write up but following in our case Swash is a project created by Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanka, two designers who graduated from Saint Martins and went on to create their own unique style based on their passion for prints. Their blouses, dresses and scarves are innundated with visually-striking prints that take their inspiration from the botanic world.

One of the pair's main influences is Maria Sibylla Merian's illustrative work from the late 18th century. The botanic-inspired illustrations transport us to wild parts of India and Africa, interpreted in a fantasy style. Swash have used these works as the central theme in their designs.

The urban style of the line contrasts with its infusion of color and prints. I loved the scarves: full of character, they take inspiration from surrealism and fascinating interpretations of flowers.


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