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venerdì 29 maggio 2009


Chairlift show what Williamsburg is made of

It appears to be a reverse wealth situation in NY right with the real money on Williamsburg and not Manhattan. We're talking creative wealth of course...

Airlifted as opposed to chairlifted out of relative obscurity by Apple's Nano advert - the Williamsburg band Chairlift and ready to take a piece of the creative action around the world. Touring this summer (see the dates below - in the US they have NY dates with the Killers), Chairlift are riding the wave of Brooklyn's hot indie-pop and rock scene that gave birth to bands such as MGMT. See them play their cult track "Bruises" live at the recent SXSW festival.

28 May 2009 Blaa OSLO
29 May 2009 Stockholm Strand Stockholm

6 June 2009 Rufustival- Metro Gallery Baltimore, Maryland
9 June 2009 The Village- w/ MGMT Little Rock, Arkansas
11 June 2009 Bonnaroo Manchester, Tennessee
18 June 2009 Echo Los Angeles, California
21 June 2009 Detroit Bar Costa Mesa, California
22 June 2009 Casbah San Diego, California

1 August 2009 All Points West Liberty State Park, New Jersey
8 August 2009 Lollapalooza Chicago

Chairlift's album "Does You Inspire You" is out now.

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