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martedì 2 giugno 2009


Click now to see the preview of the new H&M line, Divided Exclusive. The summer collection will be released at the end of May and the fall collection hits stores at the end of August.

The dark blue super hot strappy dress must look awesome on – it’s SO nineties supermodel era! I must admit that I haven’t fallen for the whole bustier trend and the floral patterns are so Laura Ashley country child’s room decorative. All in all, the other previews of the summer collection hasn’t really wowed me..

BUT the leather pieces of the upcoming fall collection are really cool. The dominating black , rock chick style with huge shoulders is definitely a look that holds a longer place in style on the catwalks around the world – but why would H&M be revisiting this trusted look to get them exposure? We can smell a little fear on their part of the possible impending invasion of Topshop around the world..


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